Finding Vacation Rentals Using AirBNB Plus Bonus AirBNB Coupons For You

Many vacationers opt to rent a home in their vacation destination rather than staying in a hotel. For these vacationers, this is a worthwhile option because it gives the vacationer a more comfortable place to stay, a bigger space a feel at home atmosphere and features such as cooking facilities which are not typically offered in commercial hotels. However, finding these vacation rentals can be significantly more difficult than simply making hotel reservations. So to help you with that, here are some of the places where you can find vacation rentals and some tips to remember too.

Family and Friends
Finding a vacation rental property can obviously be much more difficult than simply renting a hotel during the vacation. Of course some vacationers will be lucky and have a friend or family member who owns a home in a particular vacation destination and is willing to rent it out to others.

Realtors and Travel Agencies
Many homeowners in popular vacation destinations rent out their home during the peak season. These homeowners allow a realtor or a travel agency to handle the transactions. Contacting realtors and travel agencies in the area of the vacation destination and inquiring about available rental properties in the area is one way to start the search. They will likely be able to assist you in finding a home for rent.

Booking Websites Like AirBNB
There are also many popular websites where vacation rentals are listed directly by the owner of the home. Searching the Internet can lead you to a reliable source of properties for rent. These homes are usually divided into categories by region and will likely provide you instant access to available dates. It will likely give useful information such as whether or not pets are allowed, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the size of the home and the proximity to nearby attraction. The listing may also provide useful information regarding the furnishings of the home and adds up some pictures for you to view. If you are looking for the best site to look for vacation rentals, then we strongly recommend AirBNB. AirBNB is a site for unique and great vacation rentals. They have a wide listing of vacation rentals and properties all over the world that you can rent. From country homes to forest cabins up to unique rents such as tree houses and castles, AirBNB got it all for you.

AirBNB coupons and discounts

To give you even more reasons to book at AirBNB, the site is offering AirBNB coupons and discounts for you to take advantage. You can get as much as 50% off in your purchase using these AirBNB coupons so you’ll get a great accommodation without breaking the bank.

Finding these vacation rentals can be significantly more difficult than simply making hotel reservations but many vacationers report this to be a worthwhile effort as it gives them a more memorable vacation. So book using AirBNB today start the fun!

Here’s How To Get To Work Without A Car

Nowadays, it’s almost necessary to have a car, especially if you have a work to go to everyday. However, not anyone can afford a car. If you are born rich and already have one, then you are lucky, some people need to work hard just to get a car. Then there are also some instances where you already have a car but can’t be use for some reasons like it is dirty or needs to be fixed. Consider yourself lucky if you are within walking distance from work but if you are not then you probably need some sort of transportation. So if you are one of those people that need a ride to work but you don’t have a car, then here are some ways to get to work

Resort to Two Wheel Vehicles
Buying a bicycle, a scooter or a motorcycle can be one of your options if your work is slightly near your house. The price doesn’t even compare to a car and you can get to your work fast. In other countries, the number of two wheel vehicles even exceeds the number of cars which only proves that it is a very effective way of transportation.

Ride-share with Coworkers
You can play the sympathy game and ask co-workers who are near you or taking the same route to give you a lift. Many co-workers would be glad to offer a ride share and you can just give them something in return like gas money or a gift whenever you have extra cash.

Another way to get to work without a car is to hitchhike or ask passing cars in your house if they can bring you to work. But this is illegal in some or all states and quite dangerous too.

Public Transportation
Probably the most obvious way to go to work without a car is through public transportation. Know where the buses are or the subways or trains. Make sure to check the time of arrivals and departures beforehand so you will not be late on work. Make sure to always bring exact change only.

Taxi Service
If there is a taxi service in your town you might have to go ahead and use it. Call a cab ahead of time and it is better if you will schedule the days you will need a cab for they might give you a discount by getting bulk cabs schedule. However, taxis can get extremely expensive, even more expensive than buying a car when you’ve been getting cabs for a long time.


There’s another way to get to work that’s been growing popular these days. They are car lifting services and some examples of them is Uber. Uber is like a cab but there are some many differences between the two. First off, the style of Uber  cars don’t look like a taxi. They are black cars and even luxury cars too which makes the journey to your office very comfortable. The driver is not just any driver but the owner of the car itself so you are sure to get professional and friendly service. And more importantly, you can get Uber discount codes to lower your transportation fees. We just found some at Take advantage of them now.

Out of all the mentioned ways to go to work without your own car, Uber and Lyft seem to be the choice. It is very comfortable and convenient plus you’ll also have the chance to get instant discounts.

Blending in While Traveling

Sometimes there are disadvantages of being a tourist. Being a traveler myself, I can say that I’ve experience all the pros and cons of being a tourist and believe me, you wouldn’t want to experience the cons. Cab driver nightmares, pickpockets eyeing you, being jailed for some weird violations or even syndicates that can sell you as a slave (think of the movie Taken). I believe that prevention is better than cure. And to prevent these, you need not to be a tourist. Yes, you heard me right; you need to do your best to blend in and not to be consider a tourist. Here are some ways that you can blend in with the locals and avoid being trap in a scary situation.

Blending By Your Acts

– Learn the culture of the country. You can also try to learn a word or two of their language. Common greetings and common questions would do.
– Put your camera inside your bag. Yes, you would like to take pictures of everything that you see but displaying your camera around your neck will immediately give you the label of a tourist.
– Don’t act as if you own the place. Remember you’re just visiting that country so don’t spread your arms and legs in a public transportation vehicle.
– Don’t voice out your appreciation for their souvenirs all the time. You’re acting as a tourist so stop doing that. Nevertheless, you can still buy all the souvenirs that you want.
– Don’t bring a map as you travel a certain place. Be familiar with the routes while you’re still inside your hotel bedroom. If you really need to consult your map, then go inside a comfort room and look at it.
– Never ever tell taxi cabs that you are a tourist to avoid over pricing or worse things to happen. It’s not that we dont trust Taxi cabs but its really hard to find decent ones when you are a tourist.

Presenting Uber

Thankfully, there’s a new car lift service that’s getting popular around the world. I’m talking about Uber and it makes sure that your driver will not overcharge you at the end of the road, because you will be paying the amount even before the trip. There’s no hidden fees then and you already know that price even before you ride. Furthermore, Uber drivers are one of the most decent ones we’ve experienced. Probably because they have a rating system that weed out the not so good drivers and leave the great ones. Try Uber today when you travel and probably use this Uber promo code to even get a more affordable price.

Blending By Eating

– Ask for local foods. Never be afraid to try out new things and get out of your comfort zone. Do these things if you want to draw less attention. However, if you dont have a strong stomach, then better not eat anything that looks exotic for you. if you have allergies in food, better ask the ingredients too. When all else fails, it is best to turn into your Iherb medicines to help you not be sick.
– Learn the accustomed table manners in that country. Not all nations dine the same way so you would really need to do some research before you go and travel.
– Don’t dine in Pizza Hut and McDonald’s all the time. Americans in other countries often eat in these places so don’t follow their habit. Try eating in a local fast food chain.
– Don’t be too picky with the condiments as well. Refrain yourself from asking pepper, salt or ketchup when it’s not on your table. The key is to be contented with everything.

Blending By Clothing

– Dress according to the weather and don’t overdo it. In third world countries, wearing a fur coat on a rainy day is simply bizarre so don’t do that. Buy your clothes from local shops if you can.
– Try to wear casual clothes. Bring less of your personal garments with you and shop for your everyday clothes in your destination country. Just look decent for you not to be the center of attention.
– Don’t buy US branded clothes. Always remember that your goal is hide your identity as much as possible so purchasing these things is out of the question.
– Come up with a new identity if you can. You can consider dying your hair black if you’re going to visit an Asian country. This is also cool as you would feel like you are an undercover
– Refrain from wearing travel shirt and cargo pants made of nylon. Only wear them when you’re out in the forest or while you’re rafting and trekking. Locals just don’t wear those kinds of garment

How To Trace Your Ancestors With Websites Like coupon code  How To Trace Your Ancestors With Websites Like

Years ago, genealogy and researching your ancestry requires a lot of work, major trips, library researches, church archives and most importantly lots of money to fund all the work. But people still do it – and many people would want to do it too if only they have time and money – because it can be rewarding and fascinating to discover your ancestors and to complete your family tree. Luckily, with the advent of the internet, everything had been so easy to search for including your family history. Many records are already stored and sorted online and can easily be retrieved. Now is the right time to research your ancestors!

Getting started is easy. First, you must gather all possible ancestry information from your living relatives. Ger their full names, their spouses name, where they go to school and where they originally live, the names of their children, gather pictures if you can too. Get as much information as you can as this will let your search be easier..

Next is to find a program or a website that can store all the information that you have collected. Programs that can let you do a Family Tree like to store data. Storing the information online is sensible because it means no worrying about back-ups and is one of the leading genealogy website around. At the same time, this website will also be the one you will choose to start your search. So choose wisely. There are literally hundreds of websites that offer genealogy services. Some are free, some pay-per-view, some pay for subscriptions – and it would be hard to determine which site is the best for you. Here are some tips and guidelines to help make order out of the chaos so you can make the right choice when it comes to selecting your genealogy website.

– A good genealogy website should contain the basic resources to start your research – Birth, marriage and death certificates and maybe census returns.

– A great genealogy website should have a full explanation of what the site can do for you and what it can offer. You should also know how they find details and records and how they research it. You must know the history of the site and where their offices are located. Most importantly, you should know if they have a good customer service that you can rely on if you need any help.

– A great genealogy website should give you access to original digitized documents and not just transcripts because it is always better seeing the original documents to prove that it is not miscopied or ruined or whatever. Some websites can just give you access to order to somewhere else the original documents and that is also ok as you can see the information for yourself when your document arrives.

– And last but not the least,a great genealogy website should offer different ways of payment, different plans of payment and affordable payment too. If you like to look at everything on a site, it is better to have a subscription that lasts for a certain period of time, during which you may look at whatever you like as many times as you please. If you like to look at one to three records only or just a few ones, then you are better to go with a pay per view. It is also better if the genealogy website would offer discounts for their loyal customers. Like the way always have coupon code for people. knows how important finding ancestors can be and they want people to save as much money while doing it so they have many Ancestry coupons online that anyone can use to get a discount on Ancestry’s service.

So there you have it, the steps that you should do start your ancestors lookup online. We hope that your journey in finding your ancestors would be a great one. Enjoy!

How to Keep Your Kids Safe When Surfing the Web with Norton

Let’s admit it, it happens to us all. One day the darn computer box just won’t turn on! It helps to plan ahead and deal with the little cyber bugs before they happen. A little bit of preventative measure never hurt anyone right? Well here is a closer look at Norton and how it can help your children as they surf the deadly internet seas.

img renewal arrows 103x118 How to Keep Your Kids Safe When Surfing the Web with NortonManufactured by Symantec Corporation, Norton 360 is designed to protect your computer from any unwanted malicious software attacks that will alter the normal processing of your operating systems. If you want the best protection for your computer, make sure to grab an antivirus coupon code and take advantage of our limited offers for this amazing software.

Exclusive Features of Norton 360

· Network Defense Layer Protection

Norton 360 is equipped with a powerful Threat-Removal Layer which targets and removes aggressive, hard-to-detect infections that less sophisticated products often miss. It is also designed with a live 24×7 Threat Monitoring facility, so it can block online threats before they even reach your computer. It also has an intelligent detection mechanism and a quiet background operation that block threats which would not overload you with pop-up warnings or restart requests.

· Online Safety & Protection

The software offers users with ultimate protection while surfing the Web by blocking unsafe and fake websites right in the search results. The Safe Search Toolbar installs automatically so you can search safely right from your browser. It also blocks fraudulent “phishing” websites set up by online scammers to steal your money, passwords, and identity. Plus, it also works well on your social networking sites, by proactively scanning your Facebook News Feed for dangerous links, infected downloads and unsafe websites.

· Parental Controls Management

Worried that your kids’ safety might be compromised online? Norton easily connects you to Norton Family right from within your Norton Control Center. This allows you to get a good grasp of what your kids are up to online by tracking which websites they visit. It also allows you to keep an eye on your kids’ social network activities and block inappropriate sites.

· Cloud-Based Norton Management

This exclusive feature allows users to fix, update, renew and install Norton 360™ over the Internet with a few simple clicks. It allows you to install Norton protection for all your devices (e.g. computer, smartphone or tablet) in a Cloud-based platform.

· Automatic File Backup

The software backs up your photos, music and other important files to a disc, USB device or in the Cloud – when you’re not using your computer, so it doesn’t disrupt normal user activity. When you back up online, Norton provides government-grade encryption to ensure your files are safe from cyber criminals.

· Live Norton Updates

No need to track product keys or installation CD’s. You can easily update your Norton 360 software with just a few clicks. Norton automatically sends you important product and feature updates throughout the year. The latest version installs without you needing to do anything. This allows you to protect your computer from the latest virus definitions.

Coupon Tip from our Kids: Norton

Not all antivirus programs are made equal. It’s about time you take advantage of norton discount codes and try the best antivirus protection software in the market. I found this Norton 360 Coupon at “54% Off Norton 360™ SALE = was $89.99, now $49.99″

What better way to protect your computer than to equip it with an antivirus software most people trust?

Similar Antiviruses We Recommend: Kaspersky & McAfee

Interested in more? posts other antivirus coupon codes from internet software companies like “kaspersky” and “McAfee“. Some recent Deals and promotional offers are linked below:

Kaspersky coupon code: Sales for 2014:

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McAfee Promo Codes 2014:

  1. 50% Off McAfee® AntiVirus Plus 2014
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Do some comparison shopping and you’ll be certain that you get a really great price!



Top 10 Places To Buy Kids Clothing

childrens clothing Top 10 Places To Buy Kids Clothing

I always considered myself very fashionable. That is thy when I became a mom, I shop meticulously for my kid’s clothes. I make sure that they are fashionable but comfortable. I make sure that my children always have cute clothes in the right sizes and at reasonable prices. If you are a fashionable mom like me, then this is your day.

We are going to recommend the best places to buy Kid’s clothes today. Whether you’re looking for a special occasion dress for your princess, or back to school jeans for your little man, these places are the best places to shop. So read on.

1. Janie and Jack
Janie and Jack specialize in adorable clothes and accessories for babies as well as little kids 10 years and below. Get hooded towels, bibs, jackets, shirts and many more. I love their style so much the only problem is that they only have a few stores around the USA. Luckily their website allows you to buy anywhere you are in the world. They also have exclusive deals in their websites as well as special event announcements.

2. 77 Kids
77 Kids is the kids division of American Eagle. It is a great place to get super stylish pieces for kids around 8-10 years old like gladiator sandals and colorful summer jeans.

3. Mini Boden
Is one of the most pricey store for kids but their style is very unique and fashionable. If you want to splurge your kids, then this is definitely the brand you want to go.

4. Target
When I bought a dress from Target and gave it to my young girl, she exclaimed that it is a dream come true. It is comfortable and stylish at the same time. Beware though as target changes style and stocks fast so grab that clothes you like as soon as possible. {Don’t forget to check out these printable Target coupons}

5. Crewcuts
Hands down my favorite and I strongly suggest this especially if you have a boy. Their cute styling is to-die-for but even the basics are perfect.

6. Gap
When you say Gap, the first thing that people will think of are basics clothing. But the truth is that, their Kids section is pretty awesome and boast the cutest items I’ve ever seen like a faux fur vest and a jeans skirt in one. Prices are affordable and they even give out sales from time to time.

7. Old Navy
Old navy has the most affordable yet quality and fashionable kids clothes in this list. Prices are amazing and lots of the kids’ clothes have a nice sense of humor. I get a lot of matching items here because the “times 2″ price is still decent.

8. Piperlime
Piperlime kids have everything in one place! They have clothes, shoes, and fun accessories for infant, toddler, and youths, for both boys and girls, and they carry brands like Kenneth Cole, Primigi, Morgan & Milo, and more. And did I mentioned that shipping and delivery charges are free? It’s definitely a site that parents should not miss out.

9. Macy’s
Looking for brand-name styles for your kids, all in one place? Well we all know that no one can beat Macy’s on that. Macy has everything a shopper needs and I strongly recommend this to all the parents around the world. What’s best is that Macy’s always provide coupons and deals. You are sure to save money while you shop!

10. /
People are asking is legit? As it feels to good to be true. They have designer brands and lots of fashionable clothes for kids and adults alike in prices 80% lower than anywhere else. Yes it is serious savings and thus you should take advantage of these promo codes as a parent. Now you can buy your children fashionable clothes and still save money that you can later use for their other needs.

Coupon Tip from our kids: For added discounts use these promo codes.
Plndr codes: “thurst” to get 40% off. Use this Rep Code for an extra 1% off.
Karmaloop Codes: “KL2K14″ to get 40% off. Use this rep code to get an extra 1% off.

With so many great places to buy cute clothes for your kids, there’s no reason for them to look anything less than adorable! Visit the sites we recommended above and see your children rock it out in a very young age!

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Sesame Street Never Fails

For decades now, Sesame Street had been the most popular shows for kids all over the world. They never fail to impress and they are still going strong. Check out this video of Sesame Street promoting their new season in Jimmy Fallon’s show. I did hit the replay button a thousand times because I enjoyed it a lot. Watch and sing along with your kids!

10 Best Educational Websites for Kids

kidswebsite 10 Best Educational Websites for Kids

In these modern times,kids could easily become addicted to technology, especially as they grow older. But we all know that not everything online is good for our children. there are lots of things there that can do them harm. As a parent, your job is to provide your kids with only the safe sites for them to visit. Sites that will give them knowledge at the same time enjoyment. Read on as we suggest our top ten educational websites for kids.

1. PBS Kids – the official website of the PBS channel is perfect to recap all your favorite PBS shows (Clifford, Curious George, SuperWhy, The Cat in the Hat, and a lot more) and also learn by playing their games.

2. Wonderopolis – is where the wonders of learning never stops. Your children will discover a new fact each day. We all know that children loves to ask bizarre questions. This is the site that can answer them all.  Why are they called Lava Lamps? What Badger has a sweet tooth? A very great informative site.

3. National Geographic Little Kids and Kids – official site of National Geographic kids features games, crafts and recipes, science, videos, and animal information. It’s perfect for children 10 and below.

4. Fun Brain - is a great and enjoyable site for children to learn Math as well as some reading stuffs.

5. Whyville - Perfect for children 10-15 years old or the tweens. It is a very informative, interactive and enjoyable site – perfect for playing educational games an sozializing.

6. Pottermore - for those children who loves Harry Potter, this is the perfect site. Full of interactive features and games plus never before read parts of the HP books. My kids LOVE it and can’t wait for all the books to be on the site (as of the writing, the site only opens four books).

7. Spatulatta – Cooking is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activity that parents and children can share. This website will help you do just that.  Get into cooking on this kid-friendly cooking website with lots of videos and recipes.

8. NGA Kids - perfect website for kids who are artful. From the National Gallery of Art.

9. Yahoo Kids – this is the least educational of all the choices since the site includes both games and videos of all sorts. But, kids can find lots to learn on this interactive website like homework help, learning about science, and access to an encyclopedia.

10. Nickelodeon – Some nick cartoons get negative feed backs (such as Spongebon) but kids really enjoy them and there are really lessons to be learned in each cartoons. Their website is the same.

So there you have it, the top 10 sites for kids.  Did I miss your favorite websites? What are they? Comment it here and let us help other parents determine the best sites for their children.

Parenting Is Hard – Let Us Help You!

parenting header copy 300x190 Parenting Is Hard   Let Us Help You!

Parenting is the most rewarding work ever. Seeing your children do well in school, life and just about anywhere is priceless. BUT it is also the hardest. Parenting can be difficult for many people especially those first time moms and dads and in times, even those who already know what they are doing still fail sometimes because every children has their own personality and traits that this way may not be applicable for the other one.

To help you with parenting tips, here are tips that works for almost all children.

1. Develop a support network of people you can call for help. If you have a strong support system in place, you will be able to contact them for advice and support. Do not feel ashamed if you want to take parenting classes. These classes are made to help parents cope with the stresses and difficult decisions that come with parenting. Do not be afraid to call on your mother and father too as they definitely know better.

2. Be aware of what your children are doing in school.Be involved every time whether it is about their grades, extra curricular activities or dealing with their classmates. Asking about school life can open up a channel of conversation to help a child reveal their emotions.

3. Sports and competitions are good for children. Be sure to involved them in some type of competition because it molds them into people that will do their best to in, yet meet people and friends in the process.

4. When you have a newborn many people say that if you pick them up or hold them too much this can lead to a spoiled child. This is not true! Not only is it perfectly acceptable for a parent to hold their newborn a lot.

5.Disagreements between you and your partner is inevitable but you should never let these disagreements impact your children. Violent arguments have a very negative effect on children so as much as possible do not let them hear it. But better yet, keep your disagreements civil and do not lost respect to each other. This will teach your children that it is alright to argue without hurting anyone.

6.Pay attention to health! Don’t forget to stay safe and use organic products and not harsh chemicals when cleaning your house. I’ve been recommended dutch glow polish for wood, and 401 for jsut about everything else. They work alright I mean, my favorite is the Mr. Clean eraser for everything hard to get.

Those are just some tips you can follow to help you in parenting. Stick with us here at to get more tips and techniques about parenting. We just love helping out our fellow parents!